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Holy Shit! You are a Miracle. ? A Satsang talk with Tiger Singleton ? 4 oktober 2018: ❤️ COME SEE, REST IN THE MIRACLE & PLAY ❤️ Come and immerse yourself into the discovery, devoting yourself to the most real about you (it's HOLY SHIT), and relax into that. Dive in fully, and undeniably see the miracle of what you are, allowing yourself to freely swim in life’s magic. Happening here and now; it’s already done. Can you see this? Now rest. Now enjoy. Now PLAY! In satsang, Tiger will expose the nature of everything, the absolute miracle of what you are. He will invite you to see more clearly what you think you see, what you believe is not healed yet, or seems to be in the way. To ultimately reveal that the realness of you is already whole and complete; not broken, already healed, and that all is ever guiding you home. This space of satsang with Tiger is the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the pure presence, the wholeness, and the stillness of what you truly are. So you can relax; allowing life to be life, allowing you to be you, appreciating life's divine guidance in all that is, enjoying your most sincere expression, and play. Satsang means "a meeting with Truth''; a meeting with you. This is what self-inquiry is: it's the opportunity to explore your true nature and potential, to see & be what you truly are (and what you are not, but only imagine to be), discovering your inherent freedom and conscious ability to create a joyful life. Date & Time: 4 Oktober 2018, 19:30 - 22:00. Location: Emma Centrum, Cremerstraat 245 , Utrecht. Price: € 14,- (Of 1 strip van je play strippenkaart) Registration: https://www.chipta.com/nl/playsatsangtigersingleton/14390/selectticket/ ❤️Exploration & Invitation to see...❤️ To be in satsang with Tiger gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the discovery and healing of what you are, and actually set the stage to start embodying your heart’s deepest resonance. Opening you, to a new depth of joy and play. This evening includes: * Lecture/ Satsang * Meditation * Q&A & Group Discussion ? ABOUT TIGER SINGLETON ? (www.inlightconnect.com) Tiger Singleton, founder of InLight Connect is an inspirational public speaker, satsang facilitator, poet, and author who shares wisdom and insight from the heart; holding events, workshops, and retreats all over the world, exposing the opportunity of this life; our inherent wholeness, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life. With an open heart, Tiger holds space for a profound exploration into the art of being (you). His sharing gently guide you into the direction of seeing the real opportunity of this life; to See the miracle that you are, to just Be, and share a love that naturally and effortlessly desires to flow through you. He invites you to look within, and sincerely investigate the relationship with yourself and all the ways you deny yourself with imagined and self-imposed limitations. Tiger is compassionately disruptive and unapologetically direct in his playful attempt to articulate the nature of everything. Ultimately leaving you with the undeniable truth that what you crave most in this life is the sincerity of your own being; to freely be You. “It’s rather arrogant to doubt the miracle you’re swimming in.” ~ Tiger ? The Nature of Everything ? A satsang excerpt from Tiger recorded in Amsterdam; https://vimeo.com/251299025 "The nature of everything is absolute harmony. The nature of life is harmony. All is somehow, in some way, doing what it's supposed to be doing. So the forest can continue being the forest,so life can be life, so you can be you." ? What people say about Tiger... ? Satsang with Tiger is a rare opportunity to open and surrender into the sincerity of our ever present true nature. Through the grace of satsang I opened into receiving and embodying divine love, love that is beyond ideas of personal identity, love that is always and all ways present. To sit with Tiger feels like the ultimate homecoming where I can rest in the divinity of all things. ~Libby Kinsela - Australia Tiger is for me playfully a master space creator/allower. It is the way he speaks that allows this to happen, the words only being the construction that holds the space. In a paradoxical way they allow the space to be seen/felt. And this space is deepening for me more and more which means greater allowance for basically everything: myself, others, situations and circumstances and the peace, ease and joy that comes with that. My most precious experience from this retreat was when that Emptiness revealed itself to 'me' for a split second. Beyond words. Everything dissolved, nothing unreal left. Gratitude from the bottom of my heart for this man and his willingness to be a wayshower for us all. ~Sonja Nartz - Sweden Sitting with Tiger is an amazing way to be taken by the hand and shown the Truth in a non-dogmatic, compassionate, sincere and down to earth way. Tiger's use of words, the softness he radiates and the wisdom he shares gently peels off every layer of bullshit that has become our identification in today's world and leaves you with a space that allows for total and utter freedom. ~ Patrick Meijer - Ibiza


(Donderdag) 19:30 - 22:00


Emma Centrum

cremerstraat 245 Utrecht

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