september 2019

ma23sep19:3022:00Play - Tantra: Passion for Truth19:30 - 22:00 Emma Centrum Utrecht

Evenement Details

Do you have the feeling there is more to life? Do you ever ask yourself, is this all there is?
Do you wonder why you are here and what your purpose is? Are you longing to feel more deeply connected to yourself, to others and to the Universe as a whole?

And tell me, do words such as consciousness, love, expansion and freedom excite you?

If that is a Yes, than join Arja for an evening of deepening into Tantra, where you can share your passion for truth. You will walk out with a deeper understanding of what Tantra is, how it can serve you in your life, and how it can help you to feel physically, emotionally and spiritually connected to your inner essence and deeper truth.

Life is a divine game, are you ready to play it to your fullness? Are you ready to embrace yourself and the power that you hold within? Are you ready to allow your heart to burst open and fulfil that need for connection that so many people are longing for on a deeper level than you might be able to feel right now?

This evening, is for you if you want to deepen your understanding about tantra and you are also welcome if you are completely new.

This will be an evening which is both informative and experimental giving you an understanding and a feeling of embodiment of how tantric teachings van help you living your fullest potential.

This evening is not about Tantric sexuality, and it will help to deepen your understanding how Tantra is much more than sex.

You will walk away understanding how Tantra is rooted in the light of consciousness and how you can design your life honouring that!

Facilitator: Arja Hendrikx

Arja facilitates tantra, yoga & meditation workshops and retreats all over the world and has seen hundreds of people like you transform in front of her eyes. More than 8 years she’s been traveling the world, to explore different cultural traditions and branches of yoga, in search of authentic spirituality. Since the last decade, she dedicated her life to the tantric path. Under the umbrella of tantric yoga and meditation, she longs for the elevation of consciousness and revelation of the Spiritual Heart.


Door: Arja Hendrikx
Voor: Speelse 20’ers en 30’ers

Er is genoeg plek, je kan een kaartje kopen aan de deur. Wel fijn als je je even aanmeldt op Facebook.

Kosten: €14,- , Of één strip van je PLAY strippenkaart (Aan de deur verkrijgbaar). Je kan tegenwoordig pinnen. :)

Inloop: 19:00
Workshop: 19:30-22:00
Chill-space: 22:00-22:30
Locatie: Emma Centrum, Cremerstraat 245, Utrecht

PLAY agenda:


(Maandag) 19:30 - 22:00


Emma Centrum Utrecht

Cremerstraat 245

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