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wo24mei19:3022:00PLAYcreation - Tantra - Ecstatic Energy19:30 - 22:00

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How SENSITIVE do you allow yourself to be? Do you allow your SOUL to PLAYFULLY PENETRATE and RECEIVE fully? Do you allow yourself to surrender to your ENERGETIC PLEASURE? We are all energetical beings and how much pleasure, freedom and joy we experience is dependent on how much we can let go of our armour. To open up is to let go is to tap into our subtle body. We focus on opening the body to its FULL CAPACITY of sensitive capabilities. Allowing ourselves to be vibrant, vulnerable and orgasmic beings. We’ll work with our sensuality, receptiveness and energy centres in our body. Inviting our energetical body to penetrate and be penetrated in a safe and consensual way. Play! l am excited to share some powerful energetic Tantric meditations with you. This Tantra workshop is a safe space for you to express your desires and your boundaries. You will have a chance to release shame, guilt and fears about your sacred natural life force energy (our sexual energy), to feel and to connect to this infinite source of energy. Having much more pleasure, vitality and higher levels of consciousness. The workshop is open to experienced Tantra practitioners, beginners, singles and couples. There is no nudity, genital or sexual intended touch in this workshop. Karlijn Kabira is an open, intuitive, honest, expressive free spirit with a passion for self-realization, personal transformation, and consciousness. She holds a MSc in Psychology, is a certified Tantra and Hatha Yoga Teacher and has a background in leadership development and change management. She facilitates Tantra and Personal Transformation workshops and coaches at Magic of Love around the globe with Melbourne, Berlin and Amsterdam as her base. She creates a down-to-earth, intuitive, and humorous spiritual path for herself and others combining western and eastern philosophies and techniques. Wat others say about Kabira: “I felt your dedication, strength, compassion, empathetic and full presence with all your grace, intelligence wisdom, beauty, and awareness to the healing process. I am deeply touched." ABOUT MAGIC OF LOVE Magic of Love workshops are based on Tantra, OSHO's teachings, Shamanic sexual healing, Psychology, Deep Democracy, Yoga, Humanication workshops, NLP, life coaching, Eckhart Tolle's teachings, Buddhism and own life experiences. Our vision is to support people in waking up to who they truly are; limitless, free, beautiful souls. Embrace your greatness! Magic of Love offers Tantra workshops, Shakti events, private coaching, Free your Mind, Free your Heart and Free your Soul retreats. Check out Facebook for upcoming events near you. Door: Karlijn Kabira (Magic of Love) Voor: Speelse 20'ers en 30'ers Er is genoeg plek, je kan een kaartje kopen aan de deur. Wel fijn als je je even aanmeldt op Facebook. Datum: 24 mei 2017 Kosten: €12,- , Of één strip van je PLAY strippenkaart Inloop: 19:00 Workshop: 19:30-22:00 Locatie: Het Hemeltje, Vlampijpstraat 131, Utrecht


(Woensdag) 19:30 - 22:00

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