maart 2017

ma06mrt19:0022:00PLAYdeepening - Dance Your Emotions19:00 - 22:00

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Dance Your Emotions – a contemporary dance workshop to express your heart fully and creatively. A dance immersion for everyone who loves to dance and who's curious to take their expression in movement to a deeper level. In 2,5 hours, we'll explore how to fully express ourselves in motion. We'll move through a range of emotions, feeling their physical and emotional presence, while playing with different technical aspects of movement – all with the purpose to broaden our range of movement and to find a colourful, truthful expression of the self. As in any type of communication, to be able to express yourself, you need a vocabulary. In this workshop, you'll be learning various technical movement skills, while applying them to your dance immediatly. You'll be building bridges between your state of mind and your self-expression – being invited to fully drop in and allow yourself the exploration of how to dance yourself and your emotions. You'll find freedom in your dance and a valuable deepening of your movement language, which you can bring into any further experiences on any dancefloor. This workshop is accessible for everyone – no experience or background in dance is needed. What is required is a love for dance and movement, and a curiosity to play and explore. The workshop will be led by Myrna Captijn, yoga teacher and dance coach. Myrna describes dance as her passion and her freedom – as a form of expression that allows and actually requires us to show up in our fullness. She travels a lot, both studying and teaching yoga, dance & meditation, exploring how to live her desires in authenticity and passion. For more information about her, you can find her at or on Facebook via This dance called Life. Door: Myrna Captijn ( Voor: Speelse 20’ers en 30’ers Kosten: €12,- , Of één strip van je PLAY strippenkaart Inloop: 19:00 Workshop: 19:30-22:00 Chill-space: 22:00-23:00 Er is genoeg plek, je kan een kaartje kopen aan de deur. Wel fijn als je je even aanmeldt op Facebook.


(Maandag) 19:00 - 22:00